Saturday, April 3, 2010

Friko - The Journey To Mandoola

Friko is the brain-child of dual collaborators Peder Kjellsby (production/writing/mixing) and Sjur Miljeteig (sax, brass, harmonica) from Norway.
The duo released two albums full of varying guest-collaborators -- mostly vocalists -- to create the electronic/folk wonderment of 'Burglar Ballads' [2003] and personal favorite 'The Journey To Mandoola' [2006].

This album is great because it flows into each song/idea from great indirect avenues, eventually making it near-difficult to remember how the journey started, yet track to track feels explicitly linked in its progression; the production is sharp and visible throughout, with Kjellsby doing a great job giving every beat and tweak its own light.
The vocal contributions shift everywhere from the smoothest trip-hop to the most skewed folk, sometimes interchangeably in the same song.

Definite recommendation.

The Journey To Mandoola
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