Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chinese Man - The Groove Sessions Vol. 1

Chinese Man is a French hip-hop collective formed in 2004.
Comprised of the Marseilles DJ Zé Mateo and High Ku, with beatmakers SLY and Leolebug, the collective expands on their influences of dub, funk, reggae and jazz to outline their songs, cutting up samples ranging from Zakir Hussain to obscure film, successfully living up to 'The Groove Sessions'.

Recently stumbled on these guys with 'The Groove Sessions Vol. 1' (of the 2 that they've released), a collection of songs from 2004-2007; the production is sharp, the beats are on-point, and the layers and whistles they put into each track is staggering, in the best way possible.

Not really a throwaway to be found, def recommended/keep them tabs.

The Groove Sessions Volume 1
mind the graves