Friday, April 9, 2010

The Afghan Whigs

The Afghan Whigs were a soul-influenced rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio active throughout the 90's.
The band teetered on wide success (especially 1993's 'Gentlemen') but mainly maintained a loyal fanbase album to album with word of mouth/live success carrying the project.
Frontman/rhythm-guitarist Greg Dulli is what makes (or breaks) the band; his vocals are above-all unique in rock-music, and matched with his heated lyrical delivery is what strikes or sinks your appreciation.

The three albums here are 'Congregation' [1992], 'Gentlemen' [1993], and their final release '1965' [1998]. 'Gentlemen' is probably my go-to favorite of the bunch but I've fostered an appreciation for all of them -- really just a band that grows on you if you hang around to listen, though others might not fully follow Dulli's dragging enlightenment.



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