Friday, January 1, 2010

Ruins - Burning Stone

Slightly embarrassed that in my year+ of doing this that I haven't posted anything from Ruins (close with Korekyojinn) -- drum/bass duo from Japan who basically made it cool to be a drum and bass duo...technically a planned trio but the guitarist never showed up.


Drumming mastermind Tatsuya Yoshida has been the backbone since Ruins' inception in '85 (and has operated solo since 2004), with a revolving-door of four bass players throughout the project.
Highly influenced by zeuhl pioneers Magma, Ruins followed suit implementing a fictional language, bounced back and forth in Ruins' distinct (& eventually charming) high-pitched yelps and wails.

I'm nearing completion in Ruins' discog, but recently stumbled on 'Burning Stone' from 1992, continuing the assumption that the band doesn't really have a bad release.
Anyone who has heard Ruins should feel right at home, but for the unfamiliar brace for Yoshida's wind-up flurry, microwaved bass, and overall barrage on your senses.

Burning Stone
mind the graves


Tim said...

Thank you so much! It' so hard to find these guys, much appreciated.