Thursday, January 21, 2010

Red Animal War - Black Phantom Crusades

Red Animal War are a shifting four-piece since their inception in 1998.
The band had a knack on early releases for their melding of emo/post-punk driven vocals in the midst of dynamic, post-hardcore realms.
No greater example is their fan-favorite 'Black Phantom Crusades', their second full-length in 2002. The album covers everything from slow building pieces with ascending horns, to frenzied drum and bass romps like on my personal favorite, "Mouse".

The lyrics can sometimes be an easy scab to pick ("she put her heart in a suitcase"), but his delivery never sounds fake and the band wouldn't be/sound the same without them. Plus in the world of emo/alternative music I think he's one of the more diverse vocalists, likewise with often enlightening things to say...

Pretty great stuff, if the album drags for you, at least see it through to "Mouse", and if you make it that far, you'll be kicking yourself if you don't wait for the concluding "Jambalaya"

Black Phantom Crusades
mind the graves