Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bisk - Time

Closest thing to a picture of Bisk ;l

Bisk is the moniker of Japan's Naohiro Fujikawa.
Fujikawa is a self-confessed non-musician who delights in the "upsetting order in music".
I'd probably argue to Bisk he's on an elevated-plane of breakbeat/sample-craft in the realm of experimental techno, by whatever means...
Under the Belgian label Sub Rosa, '
Time' was his debut album with the Bisk moniker in '96, just in his early twenties.

Wild stuff/Recommended.
Posting also as a reminder to myself (and thus, you) to check out his '97 follow up full-length, '
Strange Or Funny-HaHa?', which apparently eclipses the abstract conciseness of 'Time'.

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Fitz said...

long been fascinated by this artist, who more or less vanished after his 2000 album Moonstruck Parade on Quatermass records. occasionally I scour the net for news, but have not found any.

lessMTVmoreTMV said...

yeah turning up any info on him is next to impossible...I'd had this album on my hard-drive awhile from some blog that has since gone under...

you haven't heard 'Strange Or Funny-Haha?' have you? I'm still coming up empty on any other material....

tm said...

Hi, thanks for this. Just coming back to his stuff. I had Ticklish Matters and various tracks from Sub Rosa comps back when they came out, the ones on 'Water and Architecture' are great too. I'd love to locate his split 12" with Multiphonic Ensemble.

He is apparently coming back to producing music with a new album coming soon, according to a skimpy site/blog he has. Here's hoping the new stuff is as singular and oddball as the previous work!