Friday, June 13, 2014

Oknai - High Tide

Oknai is a Slovenian electronic artist (currently based in Berlin) who got his start chopping up live Ableton sets dubbed 'clip chop', allowing him to share the stage with venerable acts like Free The Robots & Venetian Snares. 'High Tide' is the follow up full-length to Oknai's debut EP 'Ain't a Dream' (rx:tx). The album was entirely produced on the coasts of Costa Rica where Oknai completely immersed himself in all its beauty and wilderness, surfing, diving, exploring, eating them exotic fruits and, well, making music. And the music is not about bananas, pineapples and coffee. It's also not necessarily a sunny record. It's a subtle and cohesive mix of lo-fi drums, synths and lots of bass. It's hiphop with hidden juke-ish rhythmics.

Great stuff, glad Oknai passed this along to me.  Grab a physical/digital copy on the 23rd if you dig.  Soaked in sweet so that shouldn't be difficult.