Thursday, June 19, 2014

Abtomat - Abtomat

This is interesting.  I interpreted the first "song" to be a robotic-voice intro leading into some sort of electronic foray, but instead was treated to an entire album of bot-talk that serves as the rhythm with voices layered atop one another.  That's not to say it isn't musical -- warped keys accompany the robots the entire album, though they serve more as accents than actual drivers to the songs.  As an example, the track "Dangerous" has the robots speaking about doing a number of different activities, before another robot continually chimes in as a chorus of sorts to affirm that such pursuits are "too dangerous".

I have no idea how I got this -- I can only assume the robots transmitted me this.  The only information I could find out about them is that they're likely from France and that they played one show in an airport (lolverload).  This was released in 2010, sometime before the robots flew back in their spaceship.

Weird stuff but definitely worth a listen.