Tuesday, March 9, 2010

RQM - Colors Fade 7" / EP

RQM dropped a line and hit me with his 7" / EP of his newest project '
Colors Fade'. It features two tracks, "Atomic Fusion" & "Colors Fade", handled across 5 different producers -- two for the former, and three for the latter.

The fact that RQM's lyrics and delivery hold up on all the different versions is a testament to his impact on the tracks, and the individual producers did a great job of cutting the tracks differently and really making them their own. My first couple listens I found myself picking favorites (initially the 7" versions), but now I find myself going to each individual track for the differences they offer, constantly picking up little nuances from each producer.

Some more great output
from RQM, don't sleep.

Colors Fade 7" / EP
mind the graves