Saturday, March 6, 2010

Red Snapper - Our Aim Is to Satisfy

Red Snapper are a British instrumental band formed in 1993 as a three-member lineup (double bass/drums/guitar) with a number of contributing musicians/vocalists on their albums. The band is often noted for their blend of acoustic instruments mixed with electronic textures, making for a unique blend of acid-jazz.

The band signed to the IDM-heavy Warp records for their debut album 'Prince Blimey'. For their third release, 'Our Aim Is to Satisfy' in 2000, the trio enlisted a number of vocalists/guest musicians, possibly creating their best album before their dissolution (though the band re-formed for one album in 2008).

When I first heard this, I almost stopped listening entirely during the second track, and I'm really glad I didn' many tracks - the latter half especially, are flat-out BNGAZ, guaranteed to get some stir out of that seat.

Our Aim Is to Satisfy
mind the graves