Tuesday, December 22, 2009

E-Life - Eleven

E-Life (Elvis de Oliveira) is an MC/DJ from Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Active as a solo artist since '95, E-Life gained some attention touring through Europe, as well as minor radio-play from his initial singles -- climbing Dutch charts throughout his career. Oliveira released two full-lengths, his concluding 'E=MC²' in 2002, and his 1999 debut gem, 'Eleven'.

Tally up another for hip-hop gems; first listen through 'Eleven' clicked right away. Great flow/voice, sharp beats, little to minimal filler.
The album opens to bells and electronic chimes, which hints the pace -- everywhere from tasteful autotune to pulsing dirges from the outside (and in) of the game are explored by E-Life.

Not positive he's done or just hiatus...but be there if he returns.

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