Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dark Meat - Truce Opium

Dark Meat is a collective from Athens, Georgia. The group once maintained a solid 30+ members -- all the more entertaining that the project started off as a Neil Young cover band.

The band still maintains their affinity for Neil, but has since reduced to a 9-core crew. Implementing drone instruments like the tanpura, bulbul tarang, and sitar, the group successfully strives for that new age psychedelic sound -- often leading you down rolling cascades of guitar before marching you back up to an accompanied folk-psychout complete with chanting vocals, Tuvan throat-singing, all within loose free-jazz layers of buzzes and feedback.

Good album to absorb in headphones to discover all the ins & outs.

Truce Opium
mind the graves


Marcus said...

description sounds great man, gonna check it out