Thursday, September 3, 2009

Various Blends - Levitude


Various Blends are a fairly slept-on hip-hop group from the Bay Area.
Originally consisting of three members, Various Blends solidified as a duo with MC/producers Friz-B and Eb.F.
Levitude' was the group's first full-length, distributed in 1999 -- eight years after the group's inception with MC Rasco.

The album was well-received for those it reached, taking note of the trippy and inventive production techniques. 'Levitude' featured guest-production from Peanut Butter Wolf (whom Rasco worked with after his departure), as well as other iconic solo-artists like Del tha Funkee & Saafir.

Any hip-hop head should hear this...
Guaranteed you'll hear something you haven't heard before in the realm of hip-hop - all without resorting to that beat
less/trend-bender bullshit that nasal-ites have been exploiting lately.

mind the graves


Panop said...

"all without resorting to that beatless/trend-bender bullshit that nasal-ites have been exploiting lately."

Panop said...

c wut u did thare

lessMTVmoreTMV said...

my malice for anticon-ilk knows no bounds

but I'm a hypocrite because I dig fbcfabric & reindeer, basically operate similarly but shit just seems more genuine