Monday, September 21, 2009

Catfish J. Rivers, esq. III - The Afterbirth of Cool

Catfish J. Rivers, esq. III is a prolific young musician from New Jersey.
He released a solo output in 2006 for free-streaming called 'The Afterbirth of Cool'; his intention for the album was to blur the line between organic instruments and sampled instruments/computer manipulation. With strong influence from the likes of Boards of Canada, Black Dice, and Tortoise, Rivers created an impressive solo-work that reflects his influences as much as it expands/detracts from them.

Pretty neat stuff, whether his occasional melding of post-rock'd glitch or fusion electronica, you'll likely enjoy the surprise.

The Afterbirth of Cool
mind the graves


Catfish Rivers said...

Hey thanks for finding my music and giving it a review! I really appreciate it. I thought you might like a sneak peak at my impending release due out 4/20/2010. It's called Sentient Sound, and this time I sing :). You can listen or download the mp3a free here:

You can also come check out my homepage too for other stuff like art, photos and my radio show.

Thanks again for finding me and the nice review.

Be Well,
Catfish Rivers