Wednesday, August 12, 2009


WhiteRoom are a duo from Montreal, currently residing in London. The small press garnered from their 2006 self-titled hailed them as "this generations Radiohead" (kinda' ridiculous, I know) -- whatever the case, the band made an impression on me.

Their self-titled is a journey through piano-driven headspaces, trip-hop/urban beats, and cinema soundscapes with sporadic vocals. The album intro leads into "Papillons", the most aggressive track on the album and undoubtedly my favorite -- the Vincent Volaju sample fits perfectly too and adds a lot to the track.

The entire album sinks in after repeat listens -- you find that the "simple" songs really have a lot going on; great overall vibe to the album -- I seem to take new things from it every listen.
As mentioned, the pair moved to London for inspiration for their upcoming album, as well as tracking material for their new EP, '
The Amusia'.

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