Monday, August 3, 2009

Gorod - Leading Vision

Gorod (formerly Gorgasm) are a technical death metal group from France. The band have three full-lengths, with the recently released 'Process of a New Decline'. Their prior full-length in 2006, 'Leading Vision', knocked me off my rocker...

So I'm just sitting there, enjoying my technical death metal, thinking about some twenty-foot tall black horse, with glaring demonic eyes galloping/leaping over small villages, and it occurs to me that this album is really good and I'm at this point hallucinating.

This album is like a juicy steak: well done/medium-to-medium-rare, it doesn't matter cuz it'll fill you up right, like a protein shake made of sludge. Or a twix bar made of nothing but whale lard. If your angle maybe the densest shrubbery.
It just makes sense to listen.

Leading Vision
mind the graves


Panop said...

track two is busted, bro

lessMTVmoreTMV said...

hmmm, weird. here's the individual track:

lemme know, but that should work.