Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Don Caballero - American Don

Don Caballero are seen by many as pioneers of "math-rock" -- implementing elastic time signatures, guitars seemingly inside-out, tapping, looping, etc. to carve out their unique sound. Though the band apparently hated the term.

The group had multiple lineup changes but operated primarily as an instrumental trio/quartet, with octopus-drumming Demon Che at the backbone of the group. Ian Williams (currently of Battles) also had a large impact on the sound and direction of the group - his unconventional guitar playing mixed with Che's dynamic drumming constructed much of the band's appeal.

This seemingly didn't last though, as their fourth full-length in 2000 marked the falling-out between Che and Williams, whom Che said he vowed to never play with again.
Che resurrected Don Caballero with a new core of musicians afterward, but to many fans, Don Cab's last album was '
American Don'.

American Don
mind the graves