Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh, Herro!

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Hey friends/strangers, remember how I was all excited for Kashiwa Daisuke's new album? Well, it's here...but rather than upload it, thought I'd kill at least thirty birds with one stone...

...My alter-ego started up his own music blaerg recently, and put me on as a contributor. It's a wonderful place called Mirror Shades, and therein you will find Kashiwa Daisuke's newest, '
5 Dec'.

.....I was also contacted recently (well,
not that recently, sorry mang) for a write-up request by the ever-patient Christian Filardo, and his project 'Panda Steps In Chocolate'. The album is called 'Creep of the Crop', and while I initially judged it as standard solo-indie fanfare, the latter-half of the album especially shows a promising musician in the making. The songs I didn't enjoy as much still merit a listen for the compositions Filardo pioneered himself, even if in execution they sometimes waver. All in all, the album reminded me of a one-man Animal Collective without the sporadic drums -- replaced instead with upsy, melodic keys.

While all of it wasn't my cup of tea, I gotta' respect the potential of the flavor. Give it a try, and keep movin' ahead, Christian.

And while I doubt this horrible trend of my opinion being valued can last, if any artist would ever like me to check out your stuff, just send me an email or post a message here.
I promise no ass-kissing or favored judgement, though I will promise I'll at the least give your shit a listen...afterall, it's what makes the world go round.' shit.

Creep of the Crop
mind the graves