Friday, February 6, 2009

Alucard - Watch Them Fall


I've been seeing this dude Alucard getting air-time in some underground circles, so I decided to check out his album, 'Watch Them Fall'. Alucard is a Brooklyn MC who also does artwork for handfuls of other artists, as well as handling the art for his own project/albums.
Initially I was skeptical when I saw the 15+ tracks, expecting filler/repetition -- but Alucard and his troop of cameos hit hard; the beats sound sharp and grimey, the MC's syphon some muddy-water flow, and the overall package never lets up or puts its guard-down. And for
23* tracks, that's saying a lot.

There's a few standout tracks, like the dark 3-minute interlude, "Life Threatening", where DJ Jedi rolls from one ill of living to the next, with the trumpet/theme of "Fistful of Dollars" sputtering in the background for a haunting and visceral acculmination of '
Watch Them Fall' at its core.Sometimes life just got grime.

Watch Them Fall
mind the graves


Anonymous said...

Thanx man. Was looking around for a link to download the album and I found it here.

lessMTVmoreTMV said...

no problem.

still giving this album listens, really good stuff.