Sunday, December 7, 2008

Billy Cobham - Spectrum

Billy Cobham's album with guitar-player Tommy Bolin -- one of my favorite works of Cobham's separate of Mahavishnu Orchestra. Really not much to say, just one of the greatest drummers to ever play.

mind the graves


Marcus said...

Cobham is the man! I'm not sure why but i think i enjoy Crosswinds the most out of his solo stuff.

Thanks for adding my blog! I'll do the same now.

East of the Wall was great btw, thanks!

Marcus said...

Hey man,

i should mention that you probably decided to link my blog at the wrong time haha.

In the past i have had links taken down, and i was just generally too lazy to update it.

As a result i have created a new blog,

I know what you're thinking, a hyphen is going to change everything!

If you could, please update to that link :]

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