Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Comus - First Utterance

Comus are a British Experimental/Prog group from the 70's, whose debut album, '
First Utterance' is among my favorite albums of all time. The album is full of harrowing imagery/lyrics (not to mention the cover-art, reason I heard it in the first place) that take on a life of their own with Comus' unparalleled vocal approaches.

The vocal melodies/modulations on this album seem so ahead of their time, and even when they break out into gnome-style chants, it's hard to resist the overall artistic vision the band displays. This album is timeless (to me, obviously), because you're guaranteed to discover something new every listen, yet it maintains its crisp production and aesthetic throughout.

Def give this a chance if you're unfamiliar.

First Utterance
mind the graves