Saturday, October 4, 2008

Alphonse Mouzon - Mind Transplant

Alphonse Mouzon is an incredible drummer who first gained recognition with his prog-rock group The Eleventh House, alongside virtuoso guitar-player Larry Coryell. Mouzon was cited as one of the main influences to Led Zeppelin, played with many of fusion's best (including Miles Davis on the 'Dingo' soundtrack, Herbie Hancock, etc) -- all of whom spoke highly of his talent and demeanor (read: cool mothafucka').

I think one of the highlights in his career is his 1976 solo album, '
Mind Transplant'. His drumming in The Eleventh House is top-form too, but the band often comes off as Mahavishnu-lite (which is still a compliment), whereas 'Mind Transplant' is a great unique mix of his earlier and later sound.

Mind Transplant
mind the graves


Marcus said...

Have always had a special spot for this album. Bolin plays wonderfully here and Alphonse is just the man.