Wednesday, October 29, 2008

13ghosts - The Strangest Colored Lights

13ghosts are an indie/alternative group from Alabama, directed by guitar/vocalists Brad Armstrong and Buzz Russel. I've been a fan of the group since their debut EP, '
We Are The Sun' -- namely the opening track "I Have Brought Fire".

The band exhibits purity to their music that's often lost or forced in their neck of the woods, which on their latest 2008 release, '
The Strangest Colored Lights', is expanded upon with more diverse songs -- almost to the point that every track sounds like a re-invented band. The sincerity of the group is instantly felt, with every repeat listen (for myself, anyways) a nod of appreciation.

One of 2008's gems, no doubt.

The Strangest Colored Lights
mind the graves