Monday, August 25, 2008

Deep Turtle - Turkele

Deep Turtle was a Finnish rock group, mixing elements of hardcore punk, jazz, and experimental latin-rhythm. 'Turkele' was the band's final album (2003) -- featuring vocals in both English and Spanish -- both frantic and often indecipherable, with Deep Turtle's unique mix of punk and prog.

Solid musicianship all around (bass-player had skills, son), Deep Turtle crafted a groove-laced, coke-nosed, boom-headshot, awesomely-hypheneted album. Czech it.

Deep Turtle also upped a big part of their discog to their website (my link for 'Turkele' is direct from their site -- a 1:1 master-copy), so browse around and get some more goodies -- you deserve it an' shit.


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(1:1 master-copy, 232 MB)
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