Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Shora hail from Switzerland, and remain one of my favorite and diverse bands. Early in the band's lifetime, Shora sounded akin to Converge, only more raw and personal.
More raw than Converge, you say? Raw enough to do a split album with noise-legend Merzbow ('Switching Rethorics'), implementing their trademark grit and intensity between Merzbow's sonic clashes.

After 3 of these releases, Shora did a complete turn-around -- crafting an electronically charged Isis-hybrid, a stellar gem known as '
Malval'. The album did-away with the singer's blood-curdling shrieks, opting instead for a gracefully paced instrumental sound, all while keeping the band's trademark character -- delivering tangibly haunting layers of talented, fearless emotion.

Obviously they score a screaming endorsement from me -- and damn well they should. Whether you need the intensity of '
Shaping the Random' or the ethereal plunge into 'Malval', Shora is a band to be heard. I'm told they're trying to release two albums later this year (the follow up to 'Malval' and a soundtrack to a Nathalie Rebholz film), so you better BELIEVE and hit that refresh.

"Parhelion" live (from 'Malval'):
Part 1

Part 2

7" Split w/Born Under Saturn [1999]

Shaping the Random [2000]

Switching Rethorics [2001]

Malval [2005]
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