Thursday, August 21, 2008

Braintax - Biro Funk

'Ghost, why you sittin' in the church talking to God?'

Braintax (Joseph Christie) was a hip-hop artist and producer from Leeds, retiring from his music/label after his latest album in 2008.

Biro Funk' was his debut full-length, and has since become one of my favorite hip-hop albums. The production is stellar, and after warming up to Christie's voice, you realize how talented and natural an MC he was.
I wasn't as impressed with his other two full-lengths
('My Last & Best Album' doesn't touch 'Biro Funk', sorry Tax), but 'Biro Funk' brings the heat on all 14 tracks. Sorely overlooked album/artist.

It’s all changed now since they paved the roads
And closed the area to traffic cuz' when bombs explode -
Cars cause havoc -
Meanwhile, in the area around Piccadilly where I first caught malaria
For 5 years we felt the temperature soar
Caught a stale water droplet off a roof on my bottom lip
You can feel the air thick around your body
The sun looks hazy, enough to drive me (OooH!)
Stop!/Wait! Somebody quick - I feel sick
There’s poison in the air you need to get me fixed up
No food or drink please, I’ll only sick it up
No credit down the oxygen shop, I’ll have to stick it up!
There’s something not quite right though -
Politicians let it go and let it grow, now the fog glows
Kinda eerie, the tourist trade dried up,
The Japanese are home all wired-up - virtual holidays
So why the fuck d’you want to come here ?
It’s 2052 you could put a headset on and we'll-really-disappear


Biro Funk [2001]
mind the graves