Sunday, May 12, 2019

La Dame Blanche - Bajo El Mismo Cielo

'Cuban singer and flautist Yaité Ramos-Rodriguez, aka La Dame Blanche (French for The White Lady), was born into an impressive musical cauldron.
Daughter of trombonist Jesús "Aguaje" Ramos, artistic director of Buena Vista Social Club, La Dame Blanche creates her very own path, with an explosive mix of hip hop, cumbia, dancehall and reggae.'

I discovered her a few months ago and this write-up is the catalyst for me finally purchasing her newest (2018) album 'Bajo El Mismo Cielo'.  I've gone back to her singles numerous times (see below), and I'm convinced her unique styles will propel her to future success.

Check her out further here:


1.  Una Copa Llena
2.  Ave Maria
3.  Mentira
4.  No Da Para Na
5.  Olvidate
6.  Bajo El Mismo Cielo
7.  No Puedo Loco
8.  Dos Caras
9.  El Sumo Sacerdote
10.  Fana