Sunday, April 7, 2019

Hey Douglas - Marşandiz

Hey Douglas (or 'HEY! Douglas') is a project name for the work of Istanbul based DJ, sound artist and sampler E. Yasin Vural. VEYasin produced his first album at 18 and has produced many more inside and outside Turkey, and other projects include Mode XL, with some of those tracks attracting over 7.7m Youtube views.

I first heard about him through another Turkish artist Azat, and have continued to follow his singles and mixes leading up to his newly released 'Marşandiz' (Merchandise) full length.  His music is pretty punchy and dance-club esque, but his Turkish flavor and spin on it produces a lot of interesting results.  Also accompanying his mixing and producing is the addition of live instruments, featuring Trombone & Trumpet: Ekin Eti, Clarinet: Hasan Daglar, Flute: Richard Laniepce, Guitar & Saz: Tolga Boyuk, and Guitar (Randevu) : Alper Sariogl. 

Cool stuff.  His entire album can be streamed from Bandcamp and the $7 price tag seems more than reasonable for the 10 tracks.  Definitely check out his prior releases too if this doesn't immediately grab you -- he's got a very diverse range of stuff.