Saturday, September 9, 2017

Hanetration - Gavia EP

Hanetration is a solo artist from Cornwall, UK.  He makes ambient/electronic/drone with a very cinematic feel, through (IMO) his very tasteful sprinkling of percussion.  He also mixes the three with an even keel and understanding, giving equal vibes of dark and uplifting, often shifting from basic tribal drums, to frenzy IDM-friendly beats, all while splicing them between the occasional wind instrument and sped up vocal chatter.  The drone isn't as prevalent (mostly the opening track), but it's there -- as is the brief experimentation with glitch effects at the end of the third track.

All in all this EP has a lot going on for four short tracks, and at 20 minutes long you'll probably fill in the blanks.  Check out his bandcamp (full of free goodies) and Facebook for news on his upcoming releases.

Artwork by Tommy Nease: