Thursday, September 24, 2015

Jasper Redd - Jazz Talk

Jasper Redd is a comedian from Tennessee who gained some attention being featured on a season of Last Comic Standing.  Not sure if he won...but he probably should have.  I discovered him after the fact, and quickly caught on to his 'Jazz Talk' podcast which interlaced jazz music into his comedy, featuring new songs and samples for each episode he released, usually 2-5 minute chunks relating to one topic.  He also later did a stand-up special released on Netflix called 'Jazz Talk' which features a few of the same bits but without the music continuously intertwined, which released in audio formats via the same name.

His stand up is great, really funny dude, but the Jazz Talk podcasts specifically -- altogether about an hour of material -- is an incredible mixing of music and comedy that's unlike anything I've heard before.  He even commented on Youtube that he just threw on a jazz mix CD and just spoke over them but the result is eerily impressive for how smooth he molds the two together.  The levels of chill are through the roof on this, definitely one of my favorite comedians around today.  You can check out his stand-up performances or hear him via interwebs.