Monday, March 24, 2014

Esko - "American"

Esko is a budding LA based MC who passed along his wig-flipping single for "American" -- a prolific and critical sentimental statement about American politic$ and influence.  I was so taken aback by something that managed to find my spam folder that I had to contact Esko immediately and dig into whatever releases he's put out.  The first is a free 2009 EP on his bandcamp, followed by the criminally under-exposed 2012 album 'The Seed'.  
With visual cinematography as a stated influence (Kubrick & Tarantino), it's evident to see how Esko vividly moves from beat to beat as an audio-director/storyteller.  The album thus relates his life story within the metaphor of a seed being forced to rebuild and grow after passing through the dark recesses of space.  The flourish is something beautiful and tranquil, but not without thorns.

Going to hold Esko to an interview when his new album surfaces...  
Dude is on the precipice of amazing and realizing he's reverberating in space.