Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Best of 2013: Longevity - Kingdom of Beast Vol. 1

Have to give more veneration to CA street hop/production big Longevity and his album 'Kingdom of Beast Vol. 1'.  Being something akin to a one-man west coast Gang Starr (mostly tha voice) his style just flows effortless on these eleven tracks.  The production is top notch; when the beats hit they hit hard, when they're stripped back Longevity showcases all avenues of intellect to create songs entirely unique and shifting.  The completely instrumental song "Dangerous" solidifies this sentiment of Longevity being one of the most dynamic and interesting producers shaking speakers.

Highly recommend purchasing this, in the handful of 2013 albums I dug into, I dug this the most.  Eleven tracks (the 10 track version doesn't contain "Frustrated") and guaranteed to soothe and slap your eardrums.

Soundcloud (other greatness on here)

Snippet of upcoming album