Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hosewheel - Violet Frost

Some beat-driven keyboard tunes by myself under the moniker of Hosewheel.  Was the last set of keyboard songs I recorded before my PA was stolen; fairly sure these are the only songs under Hosewheel I played through an external speaker.  It still sounds like a robot is inside the tracks with the all-familiar clicking and loading sounds of my laptop, no doubt bogged down by the audio/visual bathhouse on my desktop (literally recorded through my laptop's mic).  With the speaker though the bass is deep enough to sometimes fool you into thinking its actual drum tracks/separate instruments.

I say "beat driven" cuz this is my most temperate release in terms of playing keys, as I realize(d) I have more an ear for beats and loops than I do actually playing the keyboard.  I chose to upload these because I went back to them recently and genuinely surprised myself with some of the things I did -- I'm truly happy with them, and half of them sound like actual songs for one-take improvs.