Sunday, February 24, 2013

Nonsun - Good Old Evil

Nonsun is a doom/drone/sludge/post metal band from Lviv, Ukraine. Formed in 2011 by Goatooth (guitars, bass, vocals) and Alpha (drums).  The four-track EP 'Good Old Evil' was their first release in December 2012.

This EP abandons you in a forest of feedback, pulls you into the droning ocean, and finally turns you into a giant riff-riding, meat-eating turtle.  The EP shifts styles and moods, heard instantly between the first two tracks; "Jesus' Age" is a dark and trudging doom-metal song held together by a coda of feedback, as "Rain Have Mercy" turns into a solo-swinging metal romp as if the band sprouted wings at the bottom of the sea.  "Message Of Nihil Carried By The Waves Of The Big Bang" starts with a droning bass heavy enough to knock the fillings out of your teeth, while concluding "Forgottten Is What Never Was" pulses a weary ascent to find what lies over Doom mountain.