Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bisk isk Back

Bisk the Human

So Bisk posted a video response to his video for "Gloomy" on my Youtube account (in February...eesh), leading me to find that Naohiro Fujikawa's Bisk is officially out of hiatus...and that his new stuff is INSANE.
I had to pick up his new 2012 record 'Memorabilia' -- currently melting my ears with his electronic virtuoso in unfamiliar or further collage insanity, heightened by even crazier drums and prevalence of vocal samples.

I could (want) to up 'Memorabilia' with his go-ahead, but in the nice time you should listen to his unreleased beats 'Back To The Past Preparing For The Next' [As of this post, Bisk uploaded the whole album FOFREE(!) Check the tracks below]