Tuesday, October 25, 2011

AFTA-1 - Live At The Loft

#14 AFTA1 "HeyeLAND" Ft. Nikko Gray from LIVE AT THE LOFT on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

[VA] Another Kind of Death/adrift/Moksha/Moho - Waterloo Split

Underhill Records

Four bands from Spain, including the thunder-scarring adrift. 'Waterloo' was released in 2006 on Underhill Records, who oddly enough put out the speckled and opposite sounds of Lukestar.
Another Kind of Death plays the cores of metal/math -- better the spasm of the latter. For the former there might be some expected chug and glug, but at least four dudes don't break into harmonious dentdowns. They do a good job though of balancing scramz/sangs.
The adrift portion of the EP is what lured me in; the three songs don't disappoint, especially with the crushing "Ramses". The song seems in constant bend on a bone roller coaster, getting shot at by clowns in hot air balloons that are the descendants of druids. The lyrics will probably confirm this. Either way, it's savage as fawk -- the proverbial middle-meat of their tracks.
The Moksha material is more sludgy/punchrawk, which led me to their more impressive 2008 full-length. Moho closes the EP, as sort of a conglomerate of the three bands before them. Probably the sludge-heaviness aligns most similarly to Moksha, but the vocals are more doom and gloom.
Overall a pretty powerful glass of jagged-juice, with adrift bringing the most flavor.