Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Keelhaul are a four piece from Cleveland, Ohio.
The group plays a blend of sludge/post-metal -- lots of busy drums atop crashing bass. Guitars knife their way through the lower core, making for a frenetic push/pull of colliding energies. Vocals, though rarely used, escalate some of the beefier jams into more memorable territory.

The band broke through the surface with their second album, 'Keelhaul II', released on Hydrahead. Following that release in 2003, the band went into a sort of reclusive hiatus -- only recently returning with, 'Keelhaul's Triumphant Return to Obscurity'.

Big jams. I made sure to up the highest quality versions so that your introduction is a good one -- turkey-day cheer an' all that.

Keelhaul II

Keelhaul's Triumphant Return to Obscurity
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ólafur Arnalds - Found Songs

Ólafur Arnalds comes from the Icelandic town of Mosfellsbær.

With a background in classical music, Arnalds set out to create something of new and old; his pieces are heavily layered in chamber strings and piano, but with a modern-lining of subtle electronic nuances.
His debut album, 'Eulogy for Evolution', was well-received in contemporary and classical circles alike, beautifully blurring the line into a curve of styles.
After another EP Arnolds was invited to open for neighbors Sigur Rós throughout their European tour, expanding on his venerated word of mouth success.

'Found Songs' is his latest experiment -- Arnalds recorded seven songs in a week, one song per day, posted to his twitter (allowing fans to submit its artwork).
Highly recommend checking out his debut as well, but 'Found Songs' serves as a peaceful sanctum on the haziest of morning -- powerful & light compositions to fill a room.

Found Songs
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nuggies - The Sound of Explosions From The Northeast

Nuggies are an experimental/noise-rock/electronic band from Burlington, VT and Brooklyn, NY. The group is spearheaded by Eli Lederman, rounded out by various friends/contributors. The band has released one full length and two EP's, the most recent being 'The Sound of Explosions From The Northeast' EP.

The EP is relatively short but showcases the band's broad scope, everything from d&b jams to sample-based electronica.

I had to listen to this multiple times to get a feel for it, because my reaction each time my player went silent was, '
Oh damn -- it's over?'... which I think is a good sign when dealing with a shorter EP.
Looking forward to another proper full-length.

Neat cover too.

The Sound of Explosions From The Northeast
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Azat - This Isn't Happiness

( ^^)

New Azat single.
More of a tease, really... either way a fine addition in his already solid catalog of beat-breakin' sampled goodness.
I just know some epic hour+ beast is coming soon ..
(plz Azat)

Ametsub - Linear Cryptics

Ametsub is a young artist from Japan who makes airy electronic music.
He was invited to an electronic music circuit in Japan and quickly garnered attention -- leading to contributions on various compilation albums (such as with Kid 606).
In 2006 he released his debut album, 'Linear Cryptics', at the slight age of 20.

Anyone who's interested in stuff like Otograph, or just often-frenetic rises/swells of tranquil loops, calming melodies, etc. should give this a listen. Also comes with a fair amount of glitch-elements like Kashiwa Daisuke.

His follow-up album, 'The Nothings of the North' came out this past Feb.

Linear Cryptics
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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lullabye Arkestra - Threats/Worship

Lullabye Arkestra are a duo from Canada featuring Justin Smalls on drums/vox (also of Do Make Say Think), and Katia Taylor on bass/vox. The band combines elements of hardcore/noise-rock with 60's soul (in the sense of exploding banshee vocals), rounded-out by a host of guest musicians from DMST and similar circles -- adding organ, saxophone, and choice-synth in tracks like "Floating Graveyards".

'Threats/Worship' is their latest full-length released in September.

"We Fuck The Night"

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

If you're unfamiliar with The Brian Jonestown Massacre, or just haven't given them a proper look, I highly suggest checking out the notorious documentary DiG! first... :


...followed by their 1997 album 'Give It Back!' ... an album that took around two weeks to record that still manages to hit on every track.
Some intracacies of the album's coming-together are looked at extensively in the documentary, giving insight as well as appreciation for the meticulous attention to detail given to the record.

One of the more interesting groups -- the documentary is largely responsible for their continued word of mouth success, also the often turbulent stage-shows therein. Also a great exploration into band leader Anton Newcombe's ticks among strokes of genius, and how the two often derailed the band (numerous times) for good.
Newcombe continues TBJM today, with the familiar ever-changing lineup and group of old friends.

Give It Back!
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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Morita Doji - Mother Sky

Morita Doji was a Japanese singer active throughout the 70's-80's.
Doji began her musical career in the midst of academic struggles, and with the larger impact and influence from the death of a close friend -- she released her first solo album in 1975.

The first time hearing her 1976 follow-up, '
Mother Sky', I was entranced by her voice: natural, nothing forced - just really beautiful/melancholy stuff. Whether whispers or wails, everything is distinct and resonated, floating between the backing strings.

Absolute recommendation.

Mother Sky
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