Friday, October 16, 2009

Mogwai - Happy Songs For Happy People

Mogwai are a fairly recognized/staple post-rock group from Glasgow, Scotland. Mogwai apparently
don't even want you to call them post-rock, but Slint were one of their biggest chew that over with a twix.
Kind of redundant, yeah?

In 2003 I impulse-bought '
Happy Songs For Happy People' as my introduction to the group -- and truthfully from my time of writing this, didn't really listen to it often.

All I can say is that this album has aged well; the near-formulaic build-ups & crashes attributed to post-rock are manifested through this album with extreme attention to detail, to the point that the density of the journey outweighs the destination...or like, the erupting volcanoes and shit on your way to the destination.

This is in 128kbps ripped from my CD...
The album has a fair amount of grime though so it does it a favor.
It still sounds good.

Happy Songs For Happy People
mind the graves