Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shora - Live in Athens 1-19-09

It should be no secret that I love Switzerland's Shora -- their 2 upcoming albums (one a follow up to 'Malval', the other a music score for a Nathalie Rebholz film) have been my most anticipated releases for quite some time.

That said, thank whichever gracious soul recorded their recent gig in Athens with Yndi Halda. The band weaves in some new material, but primarily they just jam/expand upon 'Malval' in an entirely new light and dynamic.

It seems the Shora of old (aggressive/vocals) has passed, but the sound they introduced on Malval seems to be getting refined to an art of spectacle -- listening to this bootleg exposed a completely different Shora even while playing through the album's basic structure, with tantalizing hints of where they're headed next.

Def recommend this. At first listen I was slightly disappointed at the lack of new material, until I realized that even Malval itself sounds like an entirely new beast (listen to the dynamic of keys/guitar), and that the new threads holding the show together are an exciting taste of Shora to come.

Shora: Live in Athens 1-19-09
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