Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Deathspell Omega - The Synarchy of Molten Bones

The band has no official band photos so blame pinterest if these are just four dudes

France's Deathspell Omega are kind of the go-to answer for anyone looking to get into current/latter iterations (2nd/3rd-generation, whatever) of black metal -- they do it and they do it well, to the point that any song of theirs can be identified by insane drumming and generally a cacophony of evil that separates them from anyone else doing it.
I became a late fan with their 'Paracletus' album, and admittedly the following 'Drought' EP didn't grab me quite the same.  Regardless, their latest full length 'The Synarchy of Molten Bones' is a fast favorite among their discography, something Deathspell fans would probably admit is a blending of their earlier work and production values of 'Paracletus'.  The compositions are seemingly way more complex, at times to the overall detriment of conventional thinking of songs with your hand held from transition A to B.  Instead, the listener is bombarded with 4 pulverizing songs that shift and swerve, only coming down from the chaos during brief harmonization/synths at the beginning and end of the album; everything in between is an all out assault that's so calculated it's easy to get stuck on an individual instrument or voice and surrender to its unwavering madness.

Behold...The Arctopus - Cognitive Emancipation

Latest record from New York's instrumental/tech-metal/Warr-guitar giants Behold...The Arctopus.  I am especially digging tracks 3 & 4.  In their own words:

time is eleastic. length is subjective. don't discriminate.

recorded july 2016 by Colin Marston
at Menegroth, The Thousand Caves

artwork by Terry Grow

music by Marston feb 2011 - oct 2013
solos by Lerner

Weasel Walter and Lille Gruber for also playing some of this music,
Mick Barr at Hathenter Records A&R and Justina for saving arctopus,
my name is Eliane at “Only Hits” corp,
Kevin, Jeff, Luc, Pat, Masterblaster, the fans, the idiots, fieldy."

released November 8, 2016

Colin Marston: warr guitar
Mike Lerner: guitar guitar
Jason Bauers: drums

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

K. Flay - Crush Me EP

I first heard of Chicago-to-CA's K. Flay through remixes of her 'Life As A Dog' record done by beat maker B. Lewis (btw, I suck, check his bandcamp that I should've shared before), and instantly gravitated towards her quirky yet cutting blending of rapping/singing (more often the latter) that is further funkified by her rock tendencies in an electronic/chillbeats foundation.

Her latest EP 'Crush Me' is four solid tracks that all have their own defensive yet innocent declarations on life and ultimately relationships, with the undeniable flagship of the EP in opening track "Blood In The Cut"; the last three tracks are almost a temperamental cooldown that still hold equal weight, but ultimately less flair and romp.

Overall one of my favorite releases so far this year, and you'd be hard pressed to find cracks in her already solid discography.

10.24 - san diego, ca (
10.26 - los angeles, ca (
10.27 - san francisco, ca (
10.29 - vancouver, bc (
10.30 - seattle, wa (
10.31 - seattle, wa (
11.02 - salt lake city, ut (
11.04 - denver, co (
11.05 - kansas city, mo (
11.06 - st. louis, mo (
11.08 - chicago, il (
11.09 - minneapolis, mn (
11.10 - milwaukee, wi (
11.11 - columbus, oh (
11.13 - albany, ny (
11.15 - toronto, on (
11.16 - cambridge, ma (
11.18 - brooklyn, ny (
11.20 - washington, dc (
11.22 - philadelphia, pa (

Monday, July 25, 2016

Karoshi - Antera

Karoshi are a four-piece from Vicenza, Italy.  The group plays (mostly) instrumental post-rock that tends to shy away from crashes and builds, instead giving each instrument an equal voice and steady accompaniment to each track.  That being said, they don't necessarily re-invent the post-rock wheel, but their debut full length 'Antera' is a nice piece of post-rock that stands out with their dabbling in sampling and not really accentuating any one instrument or tone at a time.  Drab and slow vocals are featured on the second track in an effective mix against running drums and bright sounding guitar, followed by the third track which introduces keys seemingly foreign from before.  This blending is really their debut's greatest strength -- none of the four tracks sound anything like one another, and to their credit, they give each styling justice and character.

The band's name (the Japanese word for death by overwork or exhaustion) is very fitting to their sound -- like a thirty minute train ride staring out the window at things moving too quickly to comprehend.  Something like that.

You can also download their first EP 'Maizena' for free from their Bandcamp.

Friday, April 22, 2016

The Fall of Troy - OK

The Fall of Troy are back with their first album since their reunion/reformation of their original line-up, with sounds more reminiscent of their inception and first two albums.  The band not only got back together and made a great record, but decided to give it away digitally for free(!).  You can still get the album on vinyl/bundles from their website.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

TribeQa - Experiment

Speaking of Record Store Day...France's TribeQa are releasing their first album in three years, titled 'Experiment'.  The official video for "Poursuite" is out/below and an additional track can be heard on their bandcamp.  Based on these two tracks - not to mention their great two prior albums - 'Experiment' should be among your top picks on 4/16, whether digitally or on vinyl.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Hobosexual - Illegal Sensations

Hobosexual released their newest single "Illegal Sensations" on Valentine's Day, one of three tracks on their upcoming Record Store Day (4/16/16) EP, 'Good Bad Taste'.  
The EP is produced by multi-instrumentalist Alain Johannes (Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, Eleven), but ultimately features the same wacky musical-duo who make music videos with R.O.B. the Robot and an album cover with a mulleted car smoking a cigarette...and you'll hear no complaints here.