Saturday, May 31, 2014

Azat - Audiograft No:1

Awesome new single from Azat, "Audiograft No:1".  Can only hope this means a full release soon; the other two unreleased tracks on his soundcloud are still getting play.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

AFTA-1 - U N D E F I N E D

Latest greatness from AFTA-1.  
As I understand it these were all recorded live? All through the computer probably, but whichever...sounds nice.
Some older material (some with different strokes/names) but lots of newness/unreleased gems interspersed throughout, like my personal favorite "Lil' Bit of Ice" (which has been around since 2011, an instrumental for Pheo's album 'Wriot!').  

As I understand it this is a precursor to his upcoming new material/albums ('Analogue' & 'Infinite Skies').  Either way, no one is chilled as this dude.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Chief Kamachi - Radio Raheem

Latest album from Philly MC Chief Kamachi.  I first heard him through his collaborations with Reef the Lost Cauze (half the members of JuJu Mob), and regrettably didn't give due credit for his 2012 solo LP 'Rise & Rhyme Vol. 1'.  I replayed that album countless times (imo "City Blocks" is the best hip-hop song I heard in 2012), and always went back to his collabs with Reef, so when I heard his latest solo output 'Radio Raheem' I was pleased as punch to know he's back and even more on point.  Whether from the title alone or hearing the opening track "Back to the Breaks" you know this album is special; hip hop heads will be happy to know it definitely comes with extra mozzarella.

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