Friday, June 26, 2009

Reef The Lost Cauze - Feast or Famine

Reef the Lost Cauze is the moniker of Philly native Sharif Lacey, a prominent underground solo MC and collaborator for the Army of Pharaohs. Not only does Lacey share a common location with underground MC Jamal Gray (The Last Emperor), but also a common background; Lacey's footing in hip-hop came from open-mics/rap-battles in high school, carrying over into his college days until ultimately dropping out to fully pursue hip-hop.

Reef's third full length in 2005, 'Feast or Famine', solidified his status as one of the greats in the underground, and his barraging flows peeled back the eyes and ears of a wider audience.

Probably my favorite album from Reef -- you can tell it was written with no holds barred, both in his personal life and his perspective outlook on the world around him, resulting in an album of genuine realness webbed from Lacey's practice to progress of hip-hop mastery.

That's what I'm saying/this what you hearing.

Feast or Famine
mind the graves