Saturday, February 28, 2009


Absu are a black-metal/thrash band from Texas, whose sound evolved from death-metal origins. 'The Third Storm of Cythraul' was their coming of age black-metal album, the band's third full-length released in 1997. It took four years until their next album surfaced, titled 'Tara'. The band's sound progressed into a thrash/BM hybrid, improving upon their already talented drums, guitar, and vocal (sorry, I mean, the bass is good too, Absu). For a genre like BM, it's rare to find a band who strays from the aesthetic yet retain signature BM qualities...and do it well. The vocalist explores the familiar scowels/shrieks, but his stylings/structure give Absu their own voice -- plus the drummer/guitarist(s) are no slouches.

Fans of BM will appreciate this, but anyone looking for some grime-groove to inject in their system will be tweaking-out in spades. The band also released their self-titled 2009 release just this month (which I haven't heard yet), their first album since 'Tara' in 2001...just
thought you should know.

The Third Storm of Cythraul

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