Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Shora hail from Switzerland, and remain one of my favorite and diverse bands. Early in the band's lifetime, Shora sounded akin to Converge, only more raw and personal.
More raw than Converge, you say? Raw enough to do a split album with noise-legend Merzbow ('Switching Rethorics'), implementing their trademark grit and intensity between Merzbow's sonic clashes.

After 3 of these releases, Shora did a complete turn-around -- crafting an electronically charged Isis-hybrid, a stellar gem known as '
Malval'. The album did-away with the singer's blood-curdling shrieks, opting instead for a gracefully paced instrumental sound, all while keeping the band's trademark character -- delivering tangibly haunting layers of talented, fearless emotion.

Obviously they score a screaming endorsement from me -- and damn well they should. Whether you need the intensity of '
Shaping the Random' or the ethereal plunge into 'Malval', Shora is a band to be heard. I'm told they're trying to release two albums later this year (the follow up to 'Malval' and a soundtrack to a Nathalie Rebholz film), so you better BELIEVE and hit that refresh.

"Parhelion" live (from 'Malval'):
Part 1

Part 2

7" Split w/Born Under Saturn [1999]

Shaping the Random [2000]

Switching Rethorics [2001]

Malval [2005]
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Monday, August 25, 2008

Deep Turtle - Turkele

Deep Turtle was a Finnish rock group, mixing elements of hardcore punk, jazz, and experimental latin-rhythm. 'Turkele' was the band's final album (2003) -- featuring vocals in both English and Spanish -- both frantic and often indecipherable, with Deep Turtle's unique mix of punk and prog.

Solid musicianship all around (bass-player had skills, son), Deep Turtle crafted a groove-laced, coke-nosed, boom-headshot, awesomely-hypheneted album. Czech it.

Deep Turtle also upped a big part of their discog to their website (my link for 'Turkele' is direct from their site -- a 1:1 master-copy), so browse around and get some more goodies -- you deserve it an' shit.


(compressed, 30 MB)
(1:1 master-copy, 232 MB)
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Braintax - Biro Funk

'Ghost, why you sittin' in the church talking to God?'

Braintax (Joseph Christie) was a hip-hop artist and producer from Leeds, retiring from his music/label after his latest album in 2008.

Biro Funk' was his debut full-length, and has since become one of my favorite hip-hop albums. The production is stellar, and after warming up to Christie's voice, you realize how talented and natural an MC he was.
I wasn't as impressed with his other two full-lengths
('My Last & Best Album' doesn't touch 'Biro Funk', sorry Tax), but 'Biro Funk' brings the heat on all 14 tracks. Sorely overlooked album/artist.

It’s all changed now since they paved the roads
And closed the area to traffic cuz' when bombs explode -
Cars cause havoc -
Meanwhile, in the area around Piccadilly where I first caught malaria
For 5 years we felt the temperature soar
Caught a stale water droplet off a roof on my bottom lip
You can feel the air thick around your body
The sun looks hazy, enough to drive me (OooH!)
Stop!/Wait! Somebody quick - I feel sick
There’s poison in the air you need to get me fixed up
No food or drink please, I’ll only sick it up
No credit down the oxygen shop, I’ll have to stick it up!
There’s something not quite right though -
Politicians let it go and let it grow, now the fog glows
Kinda eerie, the tourist trade dried up,
The Japanese are home all wired-up - virtual holidays
So why the fuck d’you want to come here ?
It’s 2052 you could put a headset on and we'll-really-disappear


Biro Funk [2001]
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Channel Live - Station Identification

Hakim & Tuffy. Sob-ed. Sob-ed Huffy.

It's the alpha -
and omega -
gonna play you sucka-MC's like

Classic hip-hop album. Produced primarily by KRS-ONE. Get acquainted, etc.

"Station Identification"

Station Identification [1995]
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Monday, August 18, 2008


Neurosis are pioneers of post-metal, and in terms of atmospheric bombast I don't think any band has done it better. An absolute must for any fan of "hard" music -- if anyone is talking metal and talks-down Neurosis, tell'
em I said it's A-OK to knock those braces RIGHT OUT THEIR MOUTH.

But yeah, Neurosis are good peeps and essential metal. I only upped the albums less than 100MB's for mediafire purposes (plus 'Enemy of the Sun' might be my favorite), but every album from Neurosis is worth checking out.

Enemy of the Sun [1993]

Through Silver In Blood [1996]
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Logh - Every Time A Bell Rings An Angel Gets His Wings

Enhance. Enhance. Enhance.

I've always liked Logh's debut album, 'Every Time A Bell Rings An Angel Gets His Wings'. The Sweden-six appeared genuine with their indie/alternative sound -- not your usual group of wankers shoveling-shit. The album never feels forced, just a chill album spiced with often-intricate three-layered guitar.

I'm not extremely versed in Logh-though, so if anyone's a fan and can speak for their later albums (what I've heard sounded good) -- PR

Every Time A Bell Rings An Angel Gets His Wings
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Monday, August 11, 2008

Lions of the Desert

I don't remember exactly how this album came to me, but I've since known it to be one of the great unknown gems in my hip-hop collection. "Destruction of Man" came up on shuffle last night, and I realized I had to shine their light for more to see.

Great beats/flow/message, just an all-around solid album.

Here's a little more insight from their old website's bio:

Lions of the Desert who hail from Middletown, NY have shunned trendy hip-hop topics like fashion, fancy cars, foxy females and violence, and instead opt to weave their narratives around more positive and educational pursuits.
If our school and parents aren't going to open our children's eyes to the danger of the world, L.O.T.D. will. Al-Amin & longtime partner in rhyme Righteous Nova have come together and done the inevitable. Lions Of The Desert is the name of the group and their self-titled debut LP makes a statement about the attitude, politics and the mind state of today�s hip-hop scene & culture.
Al-Amin & Righteous Nova met while both were serving bids in an upstate New York penitentiary and formed a bond through their common ideologies adopted from the Nation of Islam. "...How could a man fly into a building?/how could a man strap a bomb to himself and kill innocent children?/Callin' himself a Muslim/That's not my religion/Yo it's forbidden in my way of life/I pack a gun and a knife/cause I'm prescribed to fight/I enjoy the right/the wrong is forbidden/a presence worse than slaughter/martyrdom is better than living."
It is not so much hard-line, militant preaching that L.O.T.D. do. It's more like creating social awareness and dialogue in a publicly accessible medium. They don't pretend to be saviors or prophets; they don't claim to have any answers.
They use their platform of music to attempt to reconcile the concepts of peace and struggle, and, in doing so, create an interesting and sometimes compelling document of human conflict. At the same time, they personalize their experiences and insights by presenting the listener with first-person accounts of what they know and see. Al-Amin is no stranger to the game, with over 20 appearances on the mixtape circuit, which makes him one of the games most sought after underground artists. The chemistry between these two factions is remarkable and gives them an invaluable �one-two� punch that very few duos possess. So if you�re looking for a solid album without the clutter of guest appearances and over priced producers pick up Lions Of The Desert�s Debut LP. Just 14 tracks of straight fire!!!


Word. And here's "Destruction of Man":

Lions of the Desert s/t
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Friday, August 8, 2008

eLZhi - The Preface

Just following up on my eLZhi post with his latest, '
The Preface'. Give it a digital spin, def among the greats in hip-hop released this year. It contains a few of the tracks from 'europass', some re-worked, all-merc. Once again I'll be gone for a few days, so loot away but stay outta' my fridge.

The Preface
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Swarm of the Lotus - The Sirens of Silence

Over the weekend I listened to 'The Sirens of Silence' [2005], a great but overlooked metal album from the now-defunct Swarm of the Lotus. Fans of Neurosis/Mastodon/Dillinger should give this a listen -- solid musicianship on all fronts and simply just a badass record. "Yan Hou" might be one of the coolest metal songs written.

Plus the cover art was pretty wicked:

The Sirens of Silence
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